What is Canopy Kids?

Canopy Kids is a preschool in NW Calgary. We're changing the way children are taught and cared for. The environment your child will be immersed in will be one filled with Loose Parts.

Why Loose Parts?

Loose Parts create a richer learning environment for children. The space itself transforms into an open-ended environment full of possibilities.

What's The Value?

Children prefer Loose Parts. A phone is a phone, but a stick can be a magic wand, or a fishing pole. Creative, engaging environments are ideal for learning.

Deepens Critical Thinking

Working with open-ended items forces children to analyze, experiment, construct, coordinate and colloborate. Then repeat!

Promotes Creativity

Children re-use and re-invent the purpose of items to accomplish different goals each day. This promotes creativity and lateral thought.

All Inclusive

There is no right or wrong way when learning with Loose Parts. All abilities can thrive. It's a great way to gain confidence and independence.

Encompasses Learning & Play

Learning in math, language, art and science is accomplished within our Loose Parts philosphy.

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Loose Parts & Adventure-Based Play