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It can be difficult on the best of websites to find answer to all your questions. We've created a consolidated list of frequently asked questions.

Are Loose Parts different from standard toys?

How are Loose Parts different from standard toys? Loose parts are open-ended. That is, they have no specific beginning or end. They can be changed multiple times depending on the extent of a child’s imagination. There is no set of instructions. They can be moved carried, lined up, taken apart and put back together in multiple ways.

What is Adventure Play?

Adventure play in our facility is defined periods of intellectual and physical freedom indoors and outdoors. Children still need to be diligent and have periods of direct instruction. This is also included in a child’s day in our program. The most important way to teach a child is to speak in their language, and their language is play.

Is Loose Parts based play safe?

We do our best to provide children with the safest possible environment at all times. There is constant supervision, and teachers are always fully engaged. However, part of play is risk taking. It’s an important and valuable part of developing as a child. It teaches children what their limits are, it forces them to test and experiment.

Are you Reggio Emelia based?

Some of the tasks and activities may ring true as “Reggio Inspired” just because we use natural materials and value the importance of the environment, parents, and the teachers. However, this is not necessarily the model or philosophy of the program, nor does it define it.

What is the structures of your program?

While the program is based in play and activities that the children choose and orchestrate themselves, there are provocations by the teachers that will nurture their abilities to think, engage, problem solve and cooperate with peers, etc.

When is Canopy Kids open?

Canopy kids is hoping to launch in the late Spring to Summer of 2020. The goal is to open with Summer Camps and launch our first semester of preschool in September. If you're potentially interested, please go here so we can keep in touch.

Where are you located?

We are located in NW Calgary, in the wonderful community of Hawkwood.

Do you have multiple locations?

Not at this time, but we're always looking for communities in need.

Why should be child be participating in Loose Parts based play?

Studies have shown that there are many benefits of play. Even just 15 minute doses of play has been proven in schools, to help children focus better. Children are calmer and their mental health is stronger; their listening skills and independence are greater. Research has also shown that freeplay and physical activity delivers direct brain benefits to a child’s focus and behavior. The benefits have been shown to be a trifecta of physical benefit, cognitive benefit and emotional benefit.

Is Canopy Kids a daycare?

Canopy kids is a preschool devoted to bringing back play! The importance of play is underestimated in today’s society. We all seem to be so focused on math and language that we forget the main job of a child is to play. The first fundamental skills of life come from play.

Is Canopy Kids accredited and licensed?

In Alberta, preschool programs do not qualify for accreditation. We are actively working on becoming licensed (I can take a some time!).

Do you provide food?

We ask that parents provide a small snack that consists of fruits and vegetables only. Due to nut allergies, we want to be respectful of those children and their needs.

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